How to prepare your child for a photoshoot 

Tell your child about the shoot. Discuss it in advance, try to get interested in photography. It will be good to show a photo album with your childhood photos, talk about them. Sincerely tell your child that you will do it for a reason. You want to make a gift for grandparents, or that later you can paste them into an album or put them in a frame. 

It is very important to choose a comfortable outfit — it should not hinder movement and be made of pleasant materials. 

You can take your favorite music with you. Record your favorite children’s songs on your phone. 

Do not forget that you, the parents, play a huge role. Before shooting, smile to the child, be patient and do not be nervous. Remember, a photo session should be a pleasure, then it will definitely be successful and will become a great memory for many years for your family.

How to prepare your child for a photoshoot. Destination wedding photographer in Europe & Cyprus — Tina Yalova


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