Why make-up has to do professional

Very often, clients are afraid to contact a make-up artist or simply do not want to do it, arguing for the following reasons: 

  • I already know how to do make up and I can do it myself 
  • I am afraid not to recognizing myself 
  • I have good enough cosmetics 
  • I have already had an unpleasant experience working with a make-up artist 
  • my time very limited, I can’t loose time for make-up. 

You need a make-up artist for a photo shoot because: 

  • no one has perfect skin. Everyone has their own imperfections that you have to hide 
  • the make-up artist knows all the subtleties of makeup for photography and for a certain type of photography 
  • the make-up artist has professional cosmetics that will hide the imperfections of your skin as much as possible and will not leak at the most crucial moment, will not give excess shine or an unnecessary shade on the face 
  • the make-up artist has professional skills in this area — and will make makeup better than you. 

Ordinary everyday makeup in photos will look pale and inexpressive, and bright eye-catching makeup in the open air is not appropriate, a lot of glitter will make photos doll-like, unnatural. After all, inept makeup can ruin everything: make the look tired, enhance all skin imperfections, distort facial features, add years, reduce eyes, and so on. 

Obvious visible skin imperfections, enlarged pores, oily shine on the face, unevenly applied tone, blush and poorly made-up eyes will make the work of the photographer much more difficult. The end result will be much worse. 

A good and correct make-up will increase the number of liked photos even without retouching them.

Why make-up has to do professional. Destination wedding photographer in Europe & Cyprus — Tina Yalova


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